I have always wanted a pair of nice Champagne glasses. Most people get them when they get married…at least in the South. But for me, that might be a while. On a recent trip to Marshalls I found this green box that called my name. I figured they were a pair of narrow flats (all I’ve ever found by kate spade in a discount store)…but to my surprise they were Champagne glasses! And not just regular flutes, they were 1920s inspired saucers. I love the way these fit in your hand and how easy it is to get a sip of bubbly from the top. I never imagined I’d own such gorgeous stemware. They retail for $80/ pair but I got them for $40/pair. (Still a lot for glassware, but these pieces are timeless and can also be used for martinis, gimlets, mimosas and even margaritas). I absolutely adore these and am so happy I decided to treat myself to something so simple that makes me feel classy & giddy at the same time. (sigh…) :D